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Joined Boon Seng's Division since 2012, along with my immediate manager James Yeow. I was merely following my manager, honestly i don't have much impression of him initially. 


Into the next few months in OT i found him not too bad a leader and at least he knows how to look after his people.


Came the exciting moment where he prepared us for a new launch. After many rounds of negotiations with a client, the deal was sealed through Boon Seng at midnight. I only got to know it the next morning, the best part was he did not request for commission for assisting in closing this deal.


Many leaders will do that too and many will do nothing also. I am glad i have one who will watch over me even i don't meet him often. Never fail to answer my calls which is more important than meeting up (In my opinion).


Today, 7 years after and i must say the counter will just continue. Excellent leader with a heart -  a kind heart.


David Chua | Associate Deputy Group Director


I met Boon Seng in 2009 by clicking on a recruitment page and i got a call back within an hour! That was the first positive impression of how responsive he is to his team members and clients.

This responsiveness is still true till today. I've been in his team for 10 years now and still enjoy the caring and strong bond within the team. 

Boon Seng has guided me, given me leads, advised me and seen me through the property cycles that make our journey in real estate a fulfilling one with good leadership.


Many in our team have stayed together and it's continuing to grow. We embrace change and discuss strategies on how to keep ourselves relevant and competitive. 

I've been blessed by having Boon Seng as my manager, He is humble, thoughtful , strategic and truly cares.

Jacquelyn Wong | Associate Deputy Group Director

I was a 2.5 years old agent when i joined Boon Seng about 8 years ago. I didnt know what to expect from him as my manager or what was expected of myself from him too.

I guess everyone wants to have a manager that performs miracles , turning from being lost to be a top producer overnight. But what is very essential to an individual is his/hers mental strength. Likewise , I have known people did expect the same from Boon Seng. They have forgotten being an agent is being their own boss.Many a time self dependance is equally important.


Boon Seng has exhibited, provided care and concern for all his agents. He lead by example and he does not differentiate associates base on their sales performance. He will be there for us whenever we need him. I , together with many of my old time colleagues have experience great motivation from Boon Seng.

He cares not only about excelling in career, he also cares about inner growth and long time well beings in life for all his associates. Which is why, many of us are able to last and still be in this business being under the wing of Boon Seng.

Last but not least, do not judge a manager base on how well he does, but take most into consideration on who he is as a person and it t takes time to realise that.

Daniel Ang | Senior Associate Sales Director

OrangeTee & Tie 


I have been with OrangeTee and under Boon Seng since April 2007. This testimonial allows me to share my experience working with him over the past 12 years.


Boon Seng is a very experience agent, he is humble and willing to share his knowledge with new colleagues. On top of that, he understand that the job of being a real estate salesperson can be tough and he does his best to help each agent, bond the team and make the journey more pleasant! 


I truly supported his decision to join NAVIS as i can see how this has benefited his team. It tool some sacrifice on his personal level and it demonstrated his commitment to his fellow agents and also his vision in a market which is so competitive.


Over the years, Boon Seng has become more than my boss, he has become a friend and one who is loyal, sincere and well respected. I highly recommend that one joins him as he is an excellent person to go to, whether you are a newbie or an experience agent from another agency !


Chong Sammi | Senior Associate Sales Director

I started my real estate career with Dennis Wee group back in 2005.  Was with them for two years before I went to work at Orangetee,  with my current boss, Boon Seng in 2007.


When I joined Orangetee, the environment there was different from the previous agency. It was a blessing for me to have  joined Boon Seng’s team. 


He is a good leader and over the years he has enabled me, provided guidance,  taught me how to handle difficult buyers/sellers and landlords/tenants,  how to handle objections, do presentations and most importantly to be a more confident sales person.


An example would be my first attempt at a new project and my first showflat duty at Charlton Residences.  He taught me how to handle the walk-in clients and how to present myself confidently with the clients.


Although this real estate job is not a full-time job for me, it has made me want to commit more time and effort into it due to the tremendous support provided by Boon Seng.  He does not put pressure on me and is able to comprehend the fact that I need to manage my family besides this job. He is encouraging when things do not work out the right way in my deals and he has a positive outlook in matters.


He also makes it an effort to gather our team members together once in a few months for bonding time and to share and exchange information which is useful to our job.  This is rarely done at other agencies and it is certainly one of the things that a good leader will do for the team !

Lily Heng | Senior Associate Sales Director

yap boon seng , project IC, orangetee projecs

Having work with Boon Seng in my first project as a Preview Team member at Grandeur Park Residence when I first joined OrangeTee some 4 years ago. That journey left a deep impression for me. Boon Seng is not only efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. He often successfully finishes a task well before the deadline. 

Fast forward, last year 2018, I was delighted that I was given another opportunity to work together with him as his Co IC at Daintree Residence. 


Being new in this role, he spent lots of time and effort to guide me on my new role that I have embarked.  Many hours of training and personal guidance were created so that I can better perform my role.

Boon Seng also has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) allow him to connect with all and without fail he will always able inspire his team to put for their best effort.

In summary, I am confident that Boon Seng under his leadership and personal guidance, his team will definitely soar with roaring success.

Roland Tan | Senior Associate Group Director

Orangetee & Tie, Project Leadership Team


It has been a very pleasant journey during my foray into project leadership and started off as Boon Seng deputy project In-Charge. 


He has always been a big brother with big heart and listening ear to me. He might seems to have a 'cold' appearance but he is actually a very friendly and approachable person


It is my pleasure having an opportunity to work with Boon Seng. I have learn from him to be versatile and complain less.

Evelyn Yew | Assoc Deputy Group Director

Orangetee & Tie, Project Leadership Team

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