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So what exactly is OrangeTee&Tie's Super App about?

So, we all know that OTT is the most technologically advanced real estate agency in Singapore.

But do you know what exactly OrangeTee's agents have in their arsenal that is light years ahead of our nearest competitor?

I could list out all of them.. but it would take me a pretty long while to get to the end of the list explaining all the features and benefits. Hence, let me attempt to cover just some important ones here.

OrangeTee's Super App comprises many many, did i say many, wonderful tools rolled into one.

One of those that our property wealth planners use often is the HDB 360 Tool! This nifty feature provides us with Free HDB floor plans, sales volume and statistics, analytics of every block's buyer nationality mix, listings, prices and much more. Simply, it helps our agents become experts in all HDB estates within a few clicks. Pretty awesome eh?

OrangeTee Career Support
HDB 360 Tool - OTT Super APP


With Property Agents Review, OrangeTee agents have been receiving FREE listings and leads as consumers growing appetite for reviews fuel their search process. It is this foresight that our management possesses that has helped build OrangeTee & Tie a reputation as a technology leader in the real estate industry.

Property Agent career OrangeTee & Tie
Property Agent Review - OTT Super App


New artwork on property market trends, statistics and projects are created AUTOMATICALLY for any projects to enable you to post/send content to your clients regularly without having to scramble for help with research, design or copywriting. OrangeTee's amazing backend support creates multiple income growth opportunities for our agents.

Did we mention that it comes in formats for all major social media sites like FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc?

OrangeTee Regular Artwork for Property Agents
OrangeTee Regular Artwork for Property Agents

OrangeTee Sample Artwork for Property Agents
OrangeTee Sample Artwork for Property Agents

OrangeTee Sample Artwork for Real Estate Agents Career
OrangeTee Sample Artwork for Property Agents


Happening in 2Q2019, OrangeTee & Tie agents will all have access to INSTANT project websites that enables our project agents to market and share information to their clients easily and painlessly.

How many times have you spent countless hours labouring over collecting data, photos, videos and formatting websites and repeating them for the many projects you embarked on? Imagine how much more time and energy you would save if you could simply do it through a click from now on! Yes, it is possible and our agents will be enjoying this sales amplifier tool very soon!

Alright that's it for now.. I'll add on more whenever i can! Stay tuned.

Briefly, other ​SUPER Features include:

FREE HDB and condominium floor plans

UPDATED Market research trends, graphs and reports

FREE automated individual project websites

AUTOMATED EDM & social media artwork for all projects

UPDATED residential, commercial & industrial transaction prices

AUTOMATED block by block HDB Reports with analytics and owner demographics

OTT NAVIS agents enjoy the best tech tools that take away tedious tasks so we can focus on higher value work or simply to enjoy time with our loved ones.

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